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The least expensive Michelin-starred restaurants in Spain

Is it possible to eat in a Michelin-starred restaurant for less than 50 euros? The answer is yes, as highlighted by the examples showcased in this selection, enabling you to enjoy fine cuisine at more affordable prices.

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Dominique Crenn’s Favourite Spots in Paris

In our 'One Chef, One City' series, The MICHELIN Guide shows major French cities through the eyes of the country’s greatest chefs. Chefs with close ties to the city where they were born, or with a passion for their adopted city, share original tips on the best restaurants, producers, suppliers and more. Dominique Crenn holder of Three MICHELIN Stars for Atelier Crenn in San Francisco, reveals her favourite haunts in Paris.

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The least expensive Michelin-starred restaurants in Italy

If you were under the impression that Michelin-starred restaurants were beyond your budget, you may be in for a surprise, as the selection of address recognised by the 2024 Michelin Guide highlight those that offer menus for under 75€.

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The Starred Japanese of Istanbul: Sankai by Nagaya

Sankai by Nagara is one of the latest One-Star restaurants in Istanbul. It serves the city’s most sophisticated Japanese flavors and promises to offer an authentic Japanese dining experience with a kitchen led by Chef Nagaya and Chef Shibata. And how could they create this “authentic Japanese dining experience” in Istanbul?

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Germany's least expensive Michelin-starred restaurants

From a culinary point of view, lunch set menus are just as much of a draw as those served at dinner, but they also have the added bonus of being more affordable. The MICHELIN Guide's inspectors have handpicked 16 restaurants that promise particularly appealing prices.

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Datil is the Parisian Restaurant of the Future

We go inside the Inspector-approved spot and meet the team behind one of Paris's most inclusive and eco-minded restaurants

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Mory Sacko, a Samurai in the Kitchen

The infectiously enthusiastic chef tells us about his Michelin-Starred restaurant and his favourite spots in Paris

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The MICHELIN Guide’s Best Spots Near Paris Landmarks

Who could even think of coming to Paris without going out for a meal, whether it be in a fancy Starred restaurant, a trendsetting brasserie or a friendly neighbourhood bolthole? Here is our pick of restaurants on the doorstep of some of the capital’s most well-known landmarks.

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Paris Decoded with Perception’s Sukwon Yong

At Perception, the devil is in the detail. From the precision used to create the condiments to the selection of the produce, each touchpoint and idea yields perfect execution. Its Chef, Sukwon Yong, gives us the inside track.

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View From the Inspectors: A High Altitude Lunch at Le Jules Verne, Paris

One of the capital's most iconic restaurants is nestled within the ironwork of the Eiffel Tower, commanding unforgettable views of the City of Light from 125m up. Below, one MICHELIN Guide Inspector tells all on lunch inside Le Jules Verne

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The MICHELIN Star Restaurants Along the Paris Metro’s Line 1

Line 1, shown in yellow on the map of the capital’s underground network, crosses the French capital from east to west. It has 25 stations between Château de Vincennes and La Défense, and takes you to the most iconic Parisian monuments. It also transports you to the largest concentration of MICHELIN-Starred restaurants in Paris. Mind the closing doors!

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The Most Original MICHELIN Guide Restaurants Around the World

From Bibs to Stars, MICHELIN Guide restaurants around the world captivate with their cuisine. But what about the spots that up the ante on the dining experience? Below, discover 12 of the most unique boîtes across the globe.

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Athens boasts three Bib gourmand establishments for a flavoursome trip

Side by side traditional taverns, Athens has no lack of trendy bistros offering modern, globetrotting-inspired cuisine. The three MICHELIN Guide Bib gourmand eateries below have everything it takes to woo discerning foodies.

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Athens : two exceptional restaurants promising a sustainable fine dining experience

These two establishments from the MICHELIN Guide Athens selection – both with a Green Star to their name – are making sustainability a cornerstone of their work.

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Meet 7 Malaysians Who Lead MICHELIN-Starred Restaurants Around the World

Today we celebrate the success stories of Malaysians working abroad and flying the Jalur Gemilang flag high from London to Singapore.

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MICHELIN Guide Budapest : discover three unusual fine-dining restaurants

Traditional Hungarian cuisine is experiencing a renaissance, but some chefs prefer taking a radical turn by using experimental techniques, mixed influences, and disruptive tastes. At restaurants Arany Kaviár, Nobu and MÁK in Budapest, the fine dining experience is as unconventional as it gets. For a deliciously brave result.

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The MICHELIN Guide makes its İstanbul debut

Michelin is pleased to announce the MICHELIN Guide’s arrival in İstanbul, whose first restaurant selection will be unveiled on October 11, 2022. İstanbul will therefore become the 38th international destination to have its gastronomic scene brought to the fore by the MICHELIN Guide inspectors.