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13 NorCal Hotels That Taylor Swift Would Love

Whether you like Taylor Swift or not, you’ll love these iconic Northern California hotels. And so would she. Probably.

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The Price of Perfection in Big Sur

You don’t get a piece of land like Big Sur — or a hotel like Post Ranch Inn — without a lot of providence and protection. Both are spectacular success stories, but not without cost.

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The Madrona Is an Aesthetic Success in Sonoma

A Victorian mansion in the California wine country is now the Madrona, an uncompromising hotel that owes its brash design to the rebellious Aesthetic Movement of the late 19th century. Oscar Wilde would be proud.

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Pierre Gagnaire’s Paris – Cafés, Classics, Cocktails and More

The culinary titan with 13 MICHELIN Stars opens his address book and reveals his favourite spots in Paris

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Seven Paris Hotels With Serious History

Seven hotels in spaces that have stood the test of time through decades and centuries of Parisian history. You can feel it in the corridors.

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Dominique Crenn’s Favourite Spots in Paris

In our 'One Chef, One City' series, The MICHELIN Guide shows major French cities through the eyes of the country’s greatest chefs. Chefs with close ties to the city where they were born, or with a passion for their adopted city, share original tips on the best restaurants, producers, suppliers and more. Dominique Crenn holder of Three MICHELIN Stars for Atelier Crenn in San Francisco, reveals her favourite haunts in Paris.

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Seven of the Best Hotel Bars in Paris

In some of the chicest, most well-appointed hotels in Paris, these seven bars provide a simply extraordinary setting in which to unwind with a drink

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Poznań, Poland: A Hidden Culinary Gem

Located in the west of Poland, Poznań is known for its rich history, picturesque architecture and vibrant culture. But it is also a city to be discovered through the prism of its gastronomy – and with the help of the MICHELIN Guide’s recommendations, that is now easier than ever.

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This Week’s New Hotels

MICHELIN Guide hotel experts share their most exciting discoveries for the week of February 26.

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10 MICHELIN Guide Hotels in Asia with Private Pools

Nothing says relaxing holiday like soaking in the sun by your private pool.

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Soaking in the Details at Ryokan Beniya Mukayu

The Japanese ryokan might be the highest form of hospitality, but it’s not a hotel. For the owners of Beniya Mukayu, it’s important that you understand why.

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Our Favourite Rooftop Spots in Paris to Eat, Drink, and Enjoy

From open-air bars to panoramic restaurants, here are the MICHELIN Guide’s favourites.

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Seven of the Most Affordable MICHELIN Guide Hotels in Paris

Seven hotels that live up to every expectation of The MICHELIN Guide – hip, fun and beautifully designed – and just so happen to represent the most affordable in our Parisian selection

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Seven of the Smallest MICHELIN Guide Hotels in Paris

Seven hotels that range from just 11 to 17 rooms. Small size means extremely personal service.

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Paris Hotels That Don't Play It Safe

The only thing boutique hotels have in common these days is a desire to be different. You know it when you see it, and you’ll see it at these hotels in Paris.

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Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain: A Luxury Hideaway in the Artistic and Intellectual Heart of Paris

In the 6th arrondissement of Paris, the Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain – a hotel previously frequented by James Joyce, Léo Ferré and T.S. Eliot – has been given a discerning and elegant makeover

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5 Expert Tips to Know Before You Travel to Paris

Here are a few essential recommendations to help you prepare for (and enjoy) your stay in Paris

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The Best Bistro Dishes in Paris, According to Our Inspectors

Our MICHELIN Guide Inspectors have scoured the capital in search of quintessentially French dishes that are emblematic of the Parisian dining scene