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The least expensive Michelin-starred restaurants in Spain

Is it possible to eat in a Michelin-starred restaurant for less than 50 euros? The answer is yes, as highlighted by the examples showcased in this selection, enabling you to enjoy fine cuisine at more affordable prices.

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Germany's least expensive Michelin-starred restaurants

From a culinary point of view, lunch set menus are just as much of a draw as those served at dinner, but they also have the added bonus of being more affordable. The MICHELIN Guide's inspectors have handpicked 16 restaurants that promise particularly appealing prices.

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The Most Original MICHELIN Guide Restaurants Around the World

From Bibs to Stars, MICHELIN Guide restaurants around the world captivate with their cuisine. But what about the spots that up the ante on the dining experience? Below, discover 12 of the most unique boîtes across the globe.

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New Additions to The MICHELIN Guide Worldwide

MICHELIN Guide Inspectors travel the globe all year and their discoveries are too good to keep secret.

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Best Starred Vegetarian Restaurants Worldwide

World Vegetarian Day is observed annually around the planet on October 1. Our MICHELIN inspectors around the world have recognised these vegetarian restaurants with MICHELIN stars for their meat-free, plant-based cuisines.

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Hotels as Remarkable as Their MICHELIN Restaurants

MICHELIN Guide restaurants provide unforgettable experiences. So do MICHELIN Guide hotels. Here are the places around the world where you can have both.